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Cyprus Attraction

Cyprus is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. With a surface of nearly 10000 kmĀ² and a mountain massif of scarcely 2000 m height, offers the island a varied landscape ideal for nature- and sun-lovers. Walking, bathing, dipping, sailing, MTB-biking, cycling, trekking, playing golf are only few from the many activities which one can have in Cyprus. Cyprus has beautiful sights and attraction points. The are many historical sights and many attraction points all over the island. Best of all cheap flights to Cyprus make the island easy and affordable to access, so you can come back year after year.

Cyprus has in the winter the softest climate in the Mediterranean Sea and is thus over the whole year worth for a nice holiday. The sun shines almost every day and rainstorm pulls away rapidly over the island. Due to the mild climate Cyprus ranks to among the climatically healthiest regions the world. Bath vacation are possible from May until November. The numerous bathing resorts and beaches of the island Cyprus offer a varied bath vacation.

Culturally the island has to offer very much. Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Venetians, cross drivers, Turks and Byzantines coined/shaped and enriched the culture of the island Cyprus. The cultural inheritance of Cyprus includes antiquity stone age settlements, roman amphitheaters, Egyptian graves, byzantine churches and monasteries, icons, wall paintings and much more. The island is approached by visitors over the entire year. The airports in Larnaca and Paphos offer daily flights from Cyprus to the United Kingdom and to other European airports.

Holidays in Cyprus

CYPRUS VILLAGES realizes completely unusual holiday experience since 1987: Living in old villages, away from the tourist centers, in the midst of lived tradition and country life. Living in tastefully renovated old traditional houses between oranges, wine and olives yards. Select for your next vacation on of our lovely houses and discover the hospitality of our country.